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Thompson Health Insurance  offers a customized approach to your health insurance needs.  Our Steamboat Springs health insurance agent works with many companies across the area to ensure that you are considering all of your options.

What is the state of health insurance in Colorado?


Contrary to popular belief, there are companies other than Blue Cross that still offer great options for your Steamboat Springs individual and small business insurance coverage at much more affordable prices. While we work with Blue Cross, we consider other, more alternative routes as well.

​Health insurance has been changing rapidly and we are always staying up to date on new options for you. Please don’t hesitate to call or message our Steamboat Springs health insurance agent for a quote or with any questions!

​IMPORTANT: You will only be contacted by ONE agent if you ask for information through our site (his name is Scott). There are similar sites that will sell your information to multiple agents and you will get tons of calls, so be careful! We NEVER do this, it is truly a local operation run by a Steamboat Springs insurance agent.


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